Meet our chef – the man behind the food


Our chef, Thierry J. Michelier

Combining the best of French traditional cuisine with Maui’s light, tropical, healthy influence, Chef Michelier creates beautiful dishes that taste even better than they look!

Best of France and Maui

Born in France and a Maui resident for over twenty years, Chef Michelier likes to add a tropical touch to the traditional French favorites, creating his own Maui variation of the classic dishes, to the delight of his patrons.

Great ingredients and attention to detail

A perfectionist in all things, Chef Michelier insists on using only the finest fruits, vegetables, meats and local fish to present to his customers, and the results are well worth it: tender filets mignon, local Poisson du jour in a light house sauce, delightful soups, and fragrant French bread are just some of his specialties.

French pastry in Kula

Chef Michelier is an accomplished French pastry chef. If you love fresh French pastry with rich, wonderful coffee, you won’t have to go to France to get them – just take a short drive Upcountry and enjoy the freshest, flakiest French pastry favorites: croissants, palmiers, fruit tarts, even scones and sticky buns!

Come see for yourself!

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, how much is a taste worth? Come by and see for yourself why La Provence is Upcountry Maui’s choice for great food!

3158 Lower Kula Road
Kula, Maui, Hawaii 96790

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